Living at a lower level of existence, Pahnl's miniature people, dogs, cats and birds can often be found outside in the street. Taking influence from comics and street signage, whilst adding their own subversive twist, Birmingham-based duo Pahnl use stencils, stickers, posters, animation, screen printing, film and photography to bring their own small world to life.


This page is a good introduction to our work!




How do you pronounce your name?
The same way you'd say 'panel'.


What does 'Pahnl' mean?
We took the word 'panel' as in 'comic panel' and misspelt it to change it from a noun to a name. You could say we see surfaces and spots in the street as panels to drop our characters into but we might be romanticizing the process a little too much.


What material do you use for your stencils?


Why paint little people, dogs, cats, etc?
We like creating worlds and it's easier to play with a space if it's on a miniature scale. Dogs, cats and birds are also just very fun to paint.


Do you want to trade stickers?
Probably not.


Could you paint something for me?
Maybe. Get in touch and let's have a chat. We always enjoy talking ideas over and, of course, sending an email doesn't cost a thing.



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Upfest '09, UK

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