We're Pahnl and we paint little people and animals causing mischief in the street and on canvases or prints. We use stencils, stickers, posters, photography and film to bring our little world to life. We usually paint our figures at a small size, never really more than 10cm tall.

We absolutely love it when street art interacts with the environment it's in and so that's something we try to bring to our work. The smallness of our little characters lends itself well to playing with odd spaces in the street, as if this other world exists on a lower plane to our one.

We once made a stop-motion long exposure light stencil animation called 'Nowhere Near Here', which is about a dog running around the city at night. Instead of using spray paint, we painted the animals into each scene using light shone through a specially designed stencil. Each frame of the video below is an individual photo that brings the dog to life when played in sequence. The ability to come 'away' from the walls of the street and play in open space was incredibly refreshing!

We also like to work in the studio, which really affords us the time to work on more involved and detailed pieces. We still try to play with the format of a painting, so you can often find us tearing holes in canvas frames, smashing ceramic tiles, casting concrete slabs or carefully burning some wood!

Oury best known studio paintings are probably from 'The Chaos Trilogy'. Between 2009 and 2013, we made three paintings that are each over 120cm wide. The first one depicts a paint fight, the second is of a riot scene and the third piece shows a zombie outbreak.

All our stencils are cut and painted by hand. After more than a decade of stenciling, we're able to pretty much cut any stencil on autopilot and we normally catch up on a lot of films and TV shows when we have a big job to do. You can see us at work in a couple videos here that we've made whilst cutting and painting work.

Half way through 2014 we also setup ourselves up with screen printing gear. Unlike hitting 'Print' on a computer, screen printing lays each colour down one at a time. We love the skilled, hands on nature of screen printing and how vibrantly solid colours can be laid down with it. Below you can watch the first edition 100 of prints we pulled on our in-house setup, which we subsequently randomly gave away to our supporters as a thank you.

Although we're not by any measure toy collectors, we made our own vinyl toy from scratch. We started out with a ball of sculpey to create the prototype dog chasing a bone and then used that to create a silicon mould to help us produce copies of it in plastic. In the end, we produced an edition of fifteen dogs for sale, complete with their own metal and perspex display stand. Check the video out below if you're interested in that kind of thing!

We've had the great pleasure and fortune of taking part in exhibitions across the UK and the world but by far the most memorable show to date was ourdebut solo show in London in 2013. The concept was ambitious: paint a miniature city across 40 meters of wall inside the gallery, filled with buildings and people, which visitors could then buy portions of to be painted onto a canvas for themselves. The city even came with it's own 12-page newspaper filled with articles and stories relating to the painted city. We didn't have enough time to finish painting the city before the show opened but the whole thing was an incredible experience.

So that covers the bare minimum of what we've done but you should really explore the site because there is so much more to see! If you like the public work, head to the street section. If the canvas work piqued your interest, there's a lot more on the studio page and there's even a few more films to be seen that I've not included here on this page. If you're interested in owning a bit of the world we've spent years creating, you can head to the store to see what's currently available.

Or if you have an idea for a piece, we're always happy to talk about commissioning your own painting. Talking doesn't cost a thing and we always enjoy hearing your thoughts, even if it doesn't lead to anything. Thanks for reading!

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