Breathing life into spray paint.

I cut my stencils out of acetate, which put simply is clear plastic that I print my designs onto. Whilst painting work in the studio, I'll inevitably stick one used, wet stencil on another. I started to notice it could create some fantastic colours and shapes of trapped air. It's really quite mesmerizing, so I ended up filming a timelapse of various 'slides' of spray paint stuck between sheets of acetate.

It culminated in the film (which is directly below this text) and the photos of the slides once they had eventually dried. The actual size of the slides are roughly 4cm square, so these photos really magnify the details and show off the blending of colours beautifully.

The motion in the film has been captured via timelapse. That is to say, I had the camera recording footage over however many hours I used for each slide (the number escapes me now) and then I speed up the action when I edit the footage on the computer. The motion comes from the air that finds itself trapped between the two sheets, hemmed in by the spray paint, which then gravitate towards each other and grow in size.

Posted 5th March, 2014

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