So another summer has rolled around and we found ourselves at another Upfest. Given the honour of a good sized 4 x 3 meter wall on the side of the Souk Kitchen, we came up with the idea for lots of windows filled with different websites, apps and our characters. Working to larger scale was new to us, as usually our characters are three times smaller. We're not going to give every 'window' away, so see if you can guess what website or app each one represents!

News recently came out that MS Paint will no longer be supported by Microsoft, which is a shame but inevitable. Anyone who opened it up probably made a masterpiece similar to this one at some point. Much love for MS Paint, it's what got us started as kids. Even had a 'spray can' tool, haha!

Can't have a mural of websites and apps without Facebook. Those wee blue thumbas are uniquitous now and we can't deny the joy we feel when a new notification pops up.

Aside from a few kids saying this guy was dabbing, the vast majority of people got what this window was referencing. Fun drawing watermelons, too, although the splatter was less fun to cut but we're too much of a control freak to splatter it on naturally.

All rain and no spray makes Pahnl a dull boy. Fortunately the wall held up and didn't catch any of the rain that fell on and off during our week in Bristol. However, puddles on the ground aren't helpful when you need to lay out massive stencils to spray adhesive onto before fixing to the wall. We managed it in the end, two days later than planned but this window proved particularly ominous.

This was one of the first ideas we came up with for the 'windows' concept and we just loved the idea of people in an actual auction setup bidding for a crappy kettle.

There were people trying to work out the significance of the numbers at the top of the calculator and getting quite deep into it, only to later realize (or be told) what it actually meant, haha. It also became clear there were two clans when it came to this trick: those that wrote 5318008 and those that pledged allegiance to 55378008, haha.

We have definitely received tiny memory cards in the past that have been in boxes I could sit in. No doubt a computer error but a pain to fit into the recycling bin at times.

How cryptocurrency is born.

Not gonna lie, this was one of the easier windows to paint...

This isn't a particular website really (maybe Reddit) but we had to get cats in here somewhere. As we all know, 60% of all internet traffic is cat photos. Fact. Maybe.

What really surprised us was that there was a ten year old (or thereabouts by our guess) who knew who this was. Just look at his leacherous face!

The darker side of the internet.

Probably the window the least amount of people understood during the festival. If you don't know, an explanation won't make it any more interesting, trust us!

Drop it like it's urgent and too big for an email attachment.

A cursor gone rogue!

If you're on this app, it's unlikely you've not taken one of these photos.

Complete with an accurate unit of scale at the bottom right. Love you, Bedminster!

It really was amazing to meet new and old friends alike, as well as family that made the trip over to Bristol. The amazing thing about Upfest is that it brings so many artists and enthusiasts together in one place. We must've spoken to over 200 different people over the course of our stay, so thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to talk with us. Also just great to share our process with everyone as all you often get to see is the finished piece.


Oh and special shout out to Steve Baxter and Yves Paradis for helping us with the massive window stencils, you both saved us hours of lining up uncooperative stencils!

We originally had a 'stripes' stencil to repeat vertically and horizontally for the boxes but being three meters up in the wind with a flimsy stencil wasn't wise. In the end, we did some extensive taping and it was ultimately way quicker than wrestling with a stencil up a set of ladders.

Mrs Pahnl was not pleased about what was on the TV in this window but if Game of Thrones insists on being the #1 pirated show on the internet, what choice did we have?

Definitely one of our favourite windows from the wall just for that pixellated effect. It's not the most intuitive when lining up each layer but the final result is lush and we're definitely going to investigate it further.

Looking ghoul...d.


I actually had real trouble drawing the fabric but after printing out the pose of the man underneath, Mrs Pahnl swiftly sketched up how the sheet should hang on the man. Unlike me, she can actually draw by hand, haha.

Love it when some action breaks the frame of a window, just makes it pop a little more.

Always a weird one when you spend hours and hours cutting stencils only for them to be used once. Sure, we could cut registration marks into them (our stencils are made of clear acetate, so you can see through them to line up before the first tiem you spray them) and store them back carefully but it's good to keep work special to one spot. The stencils are usually a sticky, paint riddled mess afterwards anyway and so we ended up filling three massive bin bags!

And that wraps up our most hectic, wettest, busiest, biggest Upfest to date!

Posted 5th August, 2017

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