...wandering around NYC for a week, stickering and eating as much as we could! It doesn't get better than that.

It was almost surreal seeing all the red fire hydrants and yellow taxi cabs out in the street. So much modern film, TV and other popular culture is set in an American wrapper, that you get so used to seeing it on screen.

Just hanging out...

Love seeing all the different kinds of street furniture here in New York, so many fun things to get our stickers on.

From one good boy to another.

Thought it was only fitting we make a little tribute to Keith Haring whilst we're in NYC (and the fact it would've been his birthday last week), given how much of an inspiration he was to us early on.

A taste of his own medicine!

Loitering, stickering.

Stumbled across the Google offices, was glad to have a few of these.

A tragic waste.

The birds were getting restless...

Feels good getting through the turnstiles with your first swipe.

Feels good getting through the turnstiles with your first swipe.

Going for a swim. A very quick swim.

Hello birdy.

...somewhere along the once legendary Wooster Street.

There was no obvious reason for that sign to be there.

I think New York pizza has ruined all other pizza. I don't think we had a bad slice anywhere and it didn't help our waistline so many places are open late, selling dollar slices. American sized slices.


We'll be back, NYC!


Posted 22nd May, 2017


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