NASS 2009

In a rainy field somewhere in Somerset, Upfest had erected a wooden-board-hut-thing (it's the only way to describe it) as part of NASS, an extreme sports festival, and invited a lot of artists down for the weekend. I wasn't much for festivals at the time, so I went down for the day and joined in with the painting.

It was raining on and off throughout the day, which meant the spray paint ended up drying a bit unevenly in a lot of areas but everything generally came out alright. And considering it would only be up for a couple days, it was no big thing. It was great to be painting in an environment like that and I had plenty of people come up to me and show some interest and ask some questions.

The large card stencils didn't survive the event with all that rain but I wrote them off as soon as I saw how the clouds were developing. With three and a half hours to get back to Oxford, the sodden stencils would've long warped. The thirty minute walk from the random field to the nearest train station, because I had ran out of money for a taxi, didn't make things any better on me or the stencils either!

Posted 5th March, 2014

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