The characters we paint were originally inspired by street signage, so it seemed only natural to take them back to where they came from! I thought it'd be interesting to see the whole process of these metal signs being drawn, cut, painted and installed. Filmed courtesy of a Polaroid Cube in my mouth, which I like to think looks a little less stupid than a head strap mount.

I've had the aluminium discs for this project for a couple years now and I finally found the time (and the gumption) to paint these buggers. Seriously, I originally painted these for our first solo show back in 2013!

Anyway, there's not many photos to share besides the one below but if you count the video as 30 pictures a second, then you have a good 3600 photos to look at. Different signs to come, although we'll see how long it takes.

Posted 12th October, 2016

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