This piece was one of the first times I had gone from my usually small figures to something larger. I made the mistake of making the stencil out of sheets of A4 acetate stuck together. I don't have a large format printer, so if I have to paint a layer that's larger than A4 (although I recently got an A3 printer, which is a welcome addition), I have to make it span many A4 sheets and stick them together. The problem with doing this for a large stencil is that, if you're going to paint it outside, it's a nightmare to fix to the wall. Painting inside and laying the stencil flat down on a canvas is easier, but even a light gust made it difficult to get this dog up properly.

Still, as is the case with all of these jams, it was an excellent day hanging out with everyone, taking our time and enjoying a few beers. There was a little show going on in the bar (we were in the garden) with everyone's work in as well, although I can't remember how much sold. I also painted a few bottles and spray cans to drop around Cambridge. I actually saw one of them on eBay the other day!

Posted 5th March, 2014

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