It's rough out there on the low seas!

Our other wall from this year's Upfest at our favourite Hen & Chicken low wall spot. Pirate and sea references galore and a good squat workout for our legs. Check out the a panorama of the entire wall here (6mb image, just so you know).

The 18 meter long beast!

Blackbeard himself, a Bristolian native.

No safe place to hide.

On the lookout!

Ball meets balls.

...and now there are sharks. Typical.

Waiting patiently for the day's haul.


Not all captains go down with their ship, some of them are sane.

A ragged ghost ship appears!

A bit fucked.

Thus, I give up the spear!

Walk the plank yadda yadda.


Sailors ooooh, come give us kisses oooh, oooh!

Just keep rowing, men!

Ah shit, I knew there was a reason this was called skeleton island.

Bones don't float.

A man and his friend.

Posted 5th August, 2017

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