This was the first time I painted at Upfest and it was also the first time I had painted a 'whole' scene like this. Before, I had done a few figures per scene but this, at the time, felt like A LOT of figures, haha. I couldn't get away with only having a couple on an 8ft by 6ft board area. If only I could've seen what went into Do Look Down four years later!

This was an unusual first time because we were painting on a boat. Called 'The Grain Barge', it acts as a cafe-bar and sits in the river in the center of Bristol. I don't think it rocked that much but it was raining during the second half of that day, which made everything feel pretty tempestuous. Still, Upfest is always an excellent weekend and I have made so many friends over the years at it.

Posted 5th March, 2014

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