For my second Upfest, I decided to collaborate (or should that be versus?) with APM, who unfortunately no longer has a site. However no prizes for guessing who did what part of the collaboration.

Our collaboration was pretty easy to describe: lots of little guys trying to take down a looming harpy. The amount of guys I painted definitely increased from the previous year's piece. There's a larger variety of poses in this one, although some of them are tiled here and there. It was alsonice to have a tigher colour scheme, as the previous one felt a little all over the place.

And you may be wondering why there are door handles on the boards we ended up painting? Well it's because the Upfest crew ended up creating the majority of a painting area with doors taken from a derelict school, haha! At first I was a little annoyed to see we had to contend with some obnoxious handles but it never really got in the way and the whole area had an eclectic vibe thanks to the variety of doors everyone was painting on.

Posted 5th March, 2014

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