'A History Of Us' is a solo show on at The Herbert gallery between 13th June and 4th October, 2015. In short, we spray painted a timeline of humanity onto 44 metres of wall, presenting famous discoveries, notable people and important inventions. The timeline begins from the big bang and dinosaurs, runs through the stone age full of cavemen, onwards to the egyptians in the bronze age, greeks and romans in the iron age, on to the dark ages filled with knights and inventors, followed by the flourishing modern ages, to contemporary times and then speculating on what the future might hold!

This show has been two years in the making and was stenciled directly onto the gallery walls using 1,107 stencils in the space of nine days! The video above will give you a good idea of what kind of work went into the exhibition, although it doesn't even begin to give an idea of how long we have spent on it! The amount of research, drawing, writing, revising, cutting, organizing and spraying that has gone into producing 'A History Of Us' is obscene.


Each of the 282 entries in the timeline has it's own caption. Some of the captions are the truth, some are outright lies and others are a mix of the two. The Herbert is a large and respected museum and gallery, so it was really fun to mess around with the percieved authority of such an institution.


The exhibition is on for three and a half months and is totally free, so if you're in the area, you should absolutely pop in for this and to check out the rest of their spaces. There are also a number of screen prints available here that were released as part of the show. And we even made a book!

Posted 13th June, 2015

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