History, but not really.

We put on a show about history and a lot of people enjoyed it. A lot of people also asked for a book. So, we made a book! There was a first edition of 125 copies of the book, then a follow up second edition of 150 copies and there was a 'Legacy' edition of only 25 copies. The contents of all the books are the same but we did some stenciling on the front and back covers of the Legacy books and then stuck it all in a nice silver embossed presentation box.

We had a bit of a headache getting the books just right, as there were various printing problems along the way, but we've got to thank everyone who patiently waited for their copy. To apologize for the delay, we also included a mini 'Napolean' screen print for everyone who pre-ordered the book, which you can see at the very bottom of this page. We're really pleased with the final result (you can't argue with 170gsm paper stock) and this won't be our last foray into books. But maybe next time we won't orders up until everything's good and ready, eh?

Posted 19th November, 2015

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