These screen prints were released as part of the 'A History Of Us' solo show. As with all our screen prints now, we have proudly printed these ourselves and that's why they have our (literal) stamp of approval on them. There are other prints to see further down but here's the description for the print above, titled 'One Long Story':


If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants...

From velociraptors to romans, Einstein to robots and Napolean to the first man on the moon, I'd like to think this print will keep you occupied for a while. The best way I can describe the making of this print is comparing it to a jigsaw. You don't even want to know how difficult it is to get everything to 'slot' into each other so they're perfectly visible and, at the same time, not obscuring something else. Add into that colour and compositional balance and it can take a very long time.


I wanted to get as many of the fascinating entries from the historical timeline that the 'A History Of Us' show is based on into a screen print and this is the chaotic result! Since we started pulling our own prints in-house, this print (with eight glorious colours, each laid down one by one) was a massive challenge for us but we think it was well worth the sweat...some of which might be in the ink but hopefully you find that more interesting than anything else, hah!


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Think yourself as advanced as you like, you still need to eat every now and again.

It's so tricky to take on such a popular image as this but I couldn't help it and decided to print my own version of this, especially for release at a show about history! With all the gadgets and inventions we have, it's easy to consider ourselves something other than 'animals' but we're no different. If anything, most animals don't go about wrecking their habitat, which is more than we can say about ourselves, eh.


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Sure, the vast emptiness of space means most of the time there's not a lot to see but when there is, well, it's just incredible.

I've probably wanted to do a split fountain print from day one of buying the printing gear. If you're not familiar with the term, it's when two colours are pulled together at once on the same layer, which invariably causes them to blend. This print was the perfect opportunity to try it out and I don't think there could be a better use of split fountain! In a very real sense (rather than pedantically), each print is unique because the split fountain shifts and changes with each pull.



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A ninja is cunning, a ninja is fast and, most importantly, a ninja doesn't care how the job gets done as long as it gets done!

I think my ninja character was one of the first things I stenciled in the style I'm now known for and he's still going strong. I even managed to get a few up in Tokyo whilst we were there for a few weeks, which felt more relevant than ever. Anyway, there's no clever rationale behind this print, just ninjas being ninjas!



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He may've been the slowest of the legion but anything Sergeant Testudo didn't know about defense wasn't worth knowing!

I loved the sight of this bustling group of romans in a tortoise formation so much, I made it the lead image of the show and even stuck it right in the middle of 'One Long Story'. How can you go wrong with a massive shell made from shields? Favourite part has to be the arrows printed right up to the edge of the print.



You can purchase this screen print here.

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