We weren't sure what triggered it all but things suddenly erupted in the streets. We were mad without aim. Mad and bohemian. And loud, everyone was very loud. Some of us were happy about the situation, whilst others were only acting out of fear and some just weren't paying chaos and cacophony any attention. Not knowing how long this would all last, we just kept shouting and kept pulsing, as if rain was some other minute away.

This piece is the second in a trilogy of pieces. The first is 'It Started As A Joke' and the third piece is 'But This Is Not How It Ends'.

The theme of this piece was inspired by riots going on all across the world from London to Vancouver to Athens and of course the Arab Spring. And in the past couple of days, as I write the page for this piece, the Ukrainian protests have recently come to a resolution with their former Prime Minister on the run. Riots and protests bustle with so much energy, so it was a nice challenge to capture in a painting. The colour choice was always going to be black and red, hah, no contest.

Starting one of these 'wide' paintings is always a daunting task. Setting myself the task of filling a very large, very blank space with a bustling bunch of figures is difficult to start. The first person to go down can look so very alone at first but after about the 30-hour mark, I'm having to juggle the composition around to best fill all that blank space. I've compared it to making a jigsaw puzzle in the past.

And, if you haven't already, I'd totally recommend you watch the film at the top of the page, which shows the cutting and painting stage of making 'And I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore'. I'd show you the process of drawing and designing the piece during the computer stage but trust me, it's repetitive beyond belief and it isn't as interesting as you think.

The images below include the stenciled and screen printed versions of the piece. You can place your cursor over any of the images to find out the title of a piece.

Posted 5th March, 2014

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