Our days were a joy and night now closes in on us. There is no birdsong. No sound of traffic. All the warm cars have long gone or crashed cold. In their stead, something else has come, bringing screams and panic with it like a piercing wind. The people it kills get up and kill. Yes, now the night comes but no one will be sleeping tonight...at least I have a chainsaw.

This piece is the third in a trilogy of pieces. The first is 'It Started As A Joke' and the second piece is 'And I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore'.

I've never had much violence in my work but with this piece, I let it all fly. I put in all the guns, manual combat and gore I could fit in this piece...and at 121cm wide and 30cm tall, that's a pretty big area to fill when it comes to my little characters. The speckly, fiddly gore, flying around or dripping down, was all stenciled. Splattering it onto the scene wouldn't be accurate whatsoever and I wanted all the 'fluids' to look convincing.

Besides the blood and guts, one of the hardest things about this painting was filming myself at the same time to produce the film you can find at the top of this page. Having to consider how both 'pieces' (painting and film) are being simultaneously made is difficult. For instance, I had to remember to not block an interesting cutting scene with my head whilst recording, as all the shots are filmed from above. This was the case with the film for 'And I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore', however I paid more attention to lighting with this film, like the swinging bulb. It also meant I had to 'save' some of the more interesting cutting sections until it was dark, as the film is set at night. The same goes for the painting stage, so I'd have to wait all day to begin painting in a cold winter garage.

Nonetheless, I think it's the most busiest of all the scenes from the trilogy and it's fantastic to see my progression from the first piece. 'It Started As A Joke' was finished October 2009, whilst I completed this piece four years later in December 2013.

As with all the pieces in the trilogy, there's a smattering of film references to be found, as well as the spinning man common to all the prints. The images below include the stenciled and screen printed versions of the piece. You can place your cursor over any of the images to find out the title of a piece.

Posted 5th March, 2014

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