I became a full-time artist on the 19th July 2012 and I've being toiling through the challenge and joy of it all since then. I released the pieces on this page week by week from that point on for about a month or maybe five weeks to celebrate the decision to give this route everything I have. Most of them are no longer available, although some of the more popular ones have been kept in the store.

I really like them as a body of work, they contain my most common characters and motifs. Unfortunately no single person bought the lot of them, which would've been one helluva display. And I don't tend to put my own work on my walls (between all the drawing, cutting, painting and shipping, I see them more than enough), so I've not really seen how they'd look together.

I've long enjoyed painting onto canvases with square proportions and after all these years, I'm still not sure why. I guess the 'equalness' of the sides appeals to my sensibilities. I can tell you right now I don't really like anything that resembles an A4 / A3 format, etc; those proportions are way too common.

You can place your cursor over any of the images to find out the title of a piece.

Posted 5th March, 2014

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