I really enjoy hearing what ideas people come up with when they start talking about a commission. It's an outside take on my work and what direction it can go. I'll be the first to admit I sometimes disagree with the feedback from someone commissioning a piece for themselves (or, more accurately, usually for their other half) but it can push me into odd places I wouldn't have thought to go. With a bit more time, thinking and drawing, something good will always come from it and I've never painted anything I wasn't proud of.

So although I had played around with materials like metal and concrete before, it was only really until someone came along and really wanted something different that I gave those things the time of day. And now metal and concrete are staples in my work (although canvas still reigns supreme for a lot of good reasons) thanks to certain commissions.

If you're interested getting something commissioned, don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know what ideas you have. We can have a chat and once we've settled on something we both like the sound of, I can hopefully provide you with a quote if I'm not too busy. There's of course no obligation to go through with anything after just talking, so give me a shout!

And sorry if we've worked together on a commission in the past and you can't find photos of it here. It can sometimes be the case I don't have the time to properly photograph a painting before wrapping, packing and posting it out to you.

You can place your cursor over any of the images to find out the title of a piece.

Posted 24th December, 2014

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