GRAFFITI, noun [gruh-fee-tee]

1. leaving a mark somewhere and feeling pleased when it's still there a week later 2. the act of writing your name everywhere because you're having an existential crisis and you're scared you don't actually exist 3. a visual style that old men co-opt to sell new things to young people 4. the art of drawing cocks on all your friend's stuff


HOME, noun [hohm]

1. a place where you can be naked without committing a crime 2. eat any food you find in the kitchen 3. and change the TV channel whenever you want 4. whilst people ask you for the sacred Wi-Fi password


LOVE, noun [luhv]

1. is all you need 2. is always giving them the window seat 3. is not needing to think twice about farting in their company 3. is ultimately so much more than a dictionary entry could ever define


HAPPINESS, noun [hap-ee-nis]

1. getting something in the bin from across the room on the first go 2. being offered a free chocolate sample without asking for it 3. the strange and guilty smell of petrol fumes 4. thinking it's monday when you wake up in the morning and then remembering it's actually sunday

This is the first series of prints we have printed ourselves from start to finish. From buying all the equipment to release, it's been about four months of learning, printing and swearing every night as we pull prints in our down time. If you make a mistake whilst stenciling, it's pretty easy to try again soon after but if something goes wrong with a screen, you have to strip everything off, recoat it and the whole process just takes a lot of time and energy. But now...NOW! Now we're happy with our process, we are a lot quicker and we're proud of our results.

This print series plays around with the idea of dictionary definitions and depending on how well it goes down, I've plenty more words I'd love to give a go in this series! Anyway, all prints are signed and numbered, along with the hand embossed seal of approval, which reads 'a nice bit of paper by pahnl'.

These prints are currently available for purchase in the store.

Posted 14th October, 2014

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