Like a bullet or bomb, paint will leave its own mark.

Spray paint means a lot of different things from artist to artist. To me, a spray can represents this bristling container of pressured potential, which can be used impulsively as much as it can be used considerately. In my case, it's rarely impulsive, since I usually need to draw and cut some stencils before I do anything. The people who can freehand something up with nothing more than a backpack full of cans and a sketch make me hella jealous.

With that said, I really like working at such a small scale and with a lot of tiny detail. I think this body of work definitely shows that fact. I don't think you could spend the kind of time needed for this unless you truly enjoy the sensation of making tiny, precise cuts into layer upon layer of acetate sheets.

You can place your cursor over any of the images to find out the title of a piece.

Posted 5th March, 2014

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