The fog was rolling in across the hills and the moon grew large in the sky, full and silent. The water lapped at the edge of the bank like it had always done and the fishing bob did what it did best and bobbed away on the surface. That carp, the one locals spoke of, was in there somewhere and it just a case of waiting. Waiting was fine. Maybe waiting was the best bit when you're here.

A commissioned birthday present that I can now share as it was their birthday yesterday. Since he enjoys carp fishing (complete with bait boat, which is something I didn't previously know existed), we went with this scene that even glows in the dark.

The massive, round moon came first and the rest of the painting followed on from there. At first I wasn't too sure about making it so large but it frames the fish beautifully and makes the sky more interesting. A whole lot of blending went into the sky as there was the vertical gradient of the sky and glow from the moon to take into account. The fog was painted pretty easily by cutting large slithers out of some card and then spraying through it whilst I held it off the surface of the canvas to get a soft edge. It was essentially encouraging the stencil to be 'soft' when most of the time you're aiming to spray a crisp, clean edge.


This is certainly one of my pieces with the most involved background, as I typically just spray a plain coloured background. Nice to have a commission that forces you to paint something you otherwise wouldn't!

Posted 19th January, 2015

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