Bloodied and blinded by thorns, two people wait for each other.

The dichotomy of a rose needs no explaining and I think it's important to hold on and hold out for the sincerest of love. As a prequel to 'to love', this painting features 1,700 roses and comprises of thirteen stenciled layers, hand cut (as always) over 90 hours.

At first, cutting rose after rose was mind-numbingly boring (although, if I remember rightly, I got through every series of 'Shooting Stars' whilst cutting this piece) but after a while, the cutting patterns sunk in and it was really quite relaxing. I won't be in a hurry to tackle anything similar anytime soon. I don't mind cutting a lot of detail, just look at 'But This Is Not How It Ends', but cutting the same symbol over and over and over again wasn't very exciting.

Posted 5th March, 2014

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