Some of the bikes in the peloton were a bit odd but it was a peloton nonetheless!

I love cycling. I can remember each one I've owned like they're living people and each one is tied to a certain phase in my life. The idea for this piece has actually been on the books for a while. There's not many feelings better than riding a bike. Cranking through gears as hunger for more speed, fighting up a hill, coasting down the other side, puddles kicking up in your face, the grit on your water bottle's nozzle that you don't care about because your thirsty as fuck, the heat from your legs when you stop and the power you feel in them when you get back on. I'll stop the poetics but you get the idea.

This print is also a big milestone for us. You see, the very first screen print we released was 'It Started As A Joke' back in 2010. It was well received and it marked a turning point, stoking the idea that we could make a living from this. However it was a screen print studio that printed the edition for us, as well as the two subsequent pieces in 'The Chaos Trilogy'. They are fantastic prints but we love doing as much as we can ourselves.

Then we began screen printing our own work in 2014, grinding it out through trial and error. It wasn't (and still isn't) always easy but to have full ownership over the process is so satisfying and we've even printed for other artists along the way. But when we started, it was always at the back of our minds that we'd one day screen print one of these 'wide prints' ourselves. Honestly, it wasn't until a couple weeks ago that we finally got to the stage where we were capable of printing it to the standard we have. We actually tried printing this edition last December but we ran into some issues.

So now it's with great pride that we emboss, number and sign each and every one of these prints because, in one sense, this edition has been seven years in the making. Thanks to everyone that has joined us on this ride!

Screen printing inks can be a tricky thing and they don't always go down in the order you'd first imagine. We also took care to make all six colours work together, so there were plenty of test swatches being printed and overlapped!

The first colour in any print, red in this case, is always the easiest to print as there's nothing else to align it to.

Yellow up next!

A very primary coloured looking print at this stage but it's starting to take shape. However it's still a vague jumble at this point if you don't know what you're looking at.

A fresh layer of green being laid down! It's moments like this that we're pleased we took the time (a lot of time, at that, believe us) to learn how to screen print our own work.

Grey is one of the easiest colours to mix since it's only ever going to use white and black, whereas other colours might use three or four base inks.

The almighty black layer to finally bring order to the print! Black is normally the last colour you print on an edition and it can be a nervous time, waiting to see if it all lines up together.

Posted 1st April, 2017

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