When we were given a basement ramp to paint we just had to go the extra mile and bring our skater to life to pop a few tricks. See it all come together at the end of the film above!


The idea was simple in principle: have a piece that worked simultaneously as a static mural and a stop motion animation! Once we had drawn out the animation and made sure it had a convincing 'weight' to it, we were able to lay each frame onto a plan of both walls to see how it all spaced out. With a bit fiddling, we managed to fit the three stages of the animation onto the walls: a 360 kickflip, a tail stall and kick push along the flats of both walls.

There's just over 90 frames for the animation, which was always designed to loop and it was just begging to be made into a GIF!



Each frame is made up of three stencil layers: a white layer that goes down first to give the impression of a white outline, a blue stencil just for the board and then a black layer seals the deal.

These little alcoves cut into both ends of the ramp were the perfect spot to stick some little guys chilling. Although not everyone's having a good time...

All getting very meta above.

There's a little hatch in the ceiling that hooks up with the room above (found at the bottom of a wardrobe), which you can drop in through, so we worked in a BASE jumper as a nod to sweet feature.

And then to finish the room off, we cut this plywood 'Kickflip' as a centerpiece! We just couldn't be happier with the result :D

Posted 30th March, 2019


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