“Play it fuckin' loud!”

I can only say that this commission was a helluva challenge. When working with someone on a piece, I'll produce a digital mockup so they can provide feedback and reach something we both like. It's all too easy to add lots of effects to a mockup when it's on the computer but then you need to realize them with spray paint. I'd like to think it's a pretty atmospheric piece with a lot of depth thanks to the light 'falling off' that crowd.


The painting was destined for someone who works at Madison Square Garden and they wanted the iconic roof to be included along with all the action of a concert. The perspective was a bit more than I'm used to dealing with but something was worked out in the end. The spindly layer for the roof can be seen below. The sheer amount of people in here also dwarfs anything else I've painted in the studio before. Admittedly a lot of those people are just the heads but you can also see that layer below in the process of being sprayed.


All in all, this was a piece that pushed some new stuff out of me and looking forward to playing around with these lighting techniques in the future. Nothing quite like a deadline to make you stop faffing around and get on with a challenge.

Posted 2nd April, 2015

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