The birds remain high up in the night, quietly awaiting the dawn. The cats skulk and sniff the alleyways, all with feral inquisition. The dogs, well, they're just happy to be peeing in the street.

Up until this series of prints, I had always worked with solid colours. It took me way too long to play around with 'lighting' in any meaningful way. I like quite clean cut shapes and the solid colours fitted into that aesthetic so well but, as simple as they may be, I like the shadows and light in these prints.

I also like it shows off the 'animal trinity' I like to use. The dog likes to chase the cats, the cats like to chase the birds and the birds don't really chase anything of meaningful size for me to draw. These prints have been out for a couple years now and I can tell you that the cat one is the most popular amongst buyers and, to my surprise, the dog sells the least relatively speaking. I suspect that's because the internet is cat biased and as for the dog print, well, there is admittedly a dog having a piss...

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Posted 5th March, 2014

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