This piece was commissioned by a recently engaged couple. At first it was going to be something on canvas but as we began discussing ideas, we thought using multiple layers of acrylic could produce some fascinating results. Since we hadn't done anything like this before, we thought a process video was in order!

Designing the piece with physical depth was an interesting experience, allowing us to play with the space a bit more. The piece uses a lot of rings and curves to bring the eye down and into the middle. The beauty of this piece is a little lost in static photos (even the video doesn't do it justice) but seeing different elements shift at different rates (thanks to the parallax effect) is fascinating to me.

One of the other trickiest things was to keep each sheet clean and scratch free! There's a few scratches that made it onto the sheets but nothing major. And fortunately I discovered isopropylene (originally bought it to clean my 17 year old keyboard) removed smudges with ease, whilst leaving the paint alone.

Posted 12th October, 2016

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