Through all the noise, there you were.

If you're familiar with even a fraction of my work, you'll know I tend towards small pieces. Detailed, but small. So when a lovely couple got in touch with me asking for a hulking 2.5 meter wide piece, I knew it'd be fun. To get a sense of the piece's scale, scroll right down to the bottom of the page to see the piece in situ. At first the plan was to do this on canvas, then it developed to paper and thankfully ended up being on a 3mm thick custom cut sheet of aluminium.


Most of the tags are my own scrawling but in amongst it all are little logos, place names and lyrics that had sentimental value to the couple. I'm sure some of you will recognize the club and festival logos in there. The piece went through drafts over four months and we spent a week building up the tags, spending way too much time thinking about colour balance and composition!

You can find more photos of the piece, and the process, below.

Posted 7th September, 2015

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