We're not looking to hurt anyone, we just want to be heard. And lately, this is the only way you've been talking to us. Here is our reply, our message in a bottle. We hope this finds you well.

This is an expansion on the 'Molotov' piece, which has been painted as a sequence on a wooden art board. These boards are typically used by oil painters (and I guess pyrography artists), as canvas can sometimes crack and tear if it's not backed up onto something whilst you're painting on subsequent dried layers of oil paints.

My first attempt at burning the wood board, over a fire built in the garden, wasn't successful. Thankfully I had ordered two, so I knew how to manipulate the second board much better. After two hours of getting smoke in my eyes and singing the hairs on my knuckles, I had exactly what I wanted. From there, it was a straightforward case of painting the piece as usual and then spraying the whole board down with some clear matt lacquer to help cut down on wayward ash particles.

This piece is available for purchase in the store.

Posted 11th March, 2014

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