Not cool, man, at least let me get a photo of it before you call the buffers in!

We set ourselves up with screen printing gear four months ago and we have been wrestling with it ever since. This is the very, very first edition of prints we pulled on the setup in the studio. The video above is a frisky, dirty behind-the-scenes look at the process!

Roughly A4 in size, this cheeky little print has been pulled in our studio, hand finished, signed, numbered and embossed. The embossing reads 'a nice bit of paper by pahnl' and circles around a dog. We ended up with 100 prints in total and is being given away via a number of ways to thank people for supporting me over the years. If you're interested, it might be a good time to find me on facebook, twitter, instagram and maybe join the mailing list.

We've also pulled a bunch of other screen prints, which you can read more about here.

Posted 14th October, 2014

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