The joining of two families!

Commissioned for a wedding (and screen print, keep scrolling down to see it) that's taking place early next year, the happy couple got in touch with me to help mark the occasion with a painting. I was very glad to be provided with a nice big list of all the guests they thought I could incorporate into the scene. The couple really enjoyed 'The Chaos Trilogy', so I'm really pleased with the similar vibe in this piece!

There are English and American sides to the wedding, so the flags have been snuck in there and I'm told it's a very sporty crowd, so you'll be able to pick out a few sports in there, along with a bit of turtle betting, haha. Even the bride's ring is based on the real ring! Again, it's one of those paintings with a lot of details and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Posted 3rd November, 2014

Like I say, we were also tasked with printing 35 screen prints sized at A5 (14.8 by 21cm), which you can see below! The print will be mailed out to the guests, along with the invitation.

For the record, this was our second ever screen print job and the amount of detail being squeezed onto such a small print was a challenge. To give you a sense of scale, the figure's round heads are just 5mm in diameter. With some finetuning and very close attention to detail, we ended up with a beautiful edition of prints for the guests to keep as a memento of the day.

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