The holy grail had come with more than one curse...

We hadn't painted a big fight scene in ages, so, in conjunction with a gorgeous wooden pallet we've had lying around the studio for a couple months, we painted this battle between knights and skeletons!

Whilst small details here or there were lost to the gaps in the wood, it definitely made for a more interesting surface than a canvas. The texture of the wood came through too, which we were worried would be lost once it was all painted over.

We have a lot of favourite parts in the piece but our top one has got to be the skeleton and knight having a quiet hug (see above) amidst all the carnage. That skeleton looks so happy, man...

A bit of bone crunching going on!

There's a real weight and heft to this piece too, which you don't get with a deep stretched canvas. Density is inexplicably tied to a sense of quality. Maybe we should start hiding lead in our canvas pieces from now on...

A good sized stack of A3 stencils waiting to be cut and stitched together into layers big enough to cover the entire pallet.

White went down first and we can tell you it wasn't any fun cutting all those ribcages!

This is my new favourite kind of process shot now!

The main gold layer lined up perfectly with the white layer, always makes our life easier.

We've wanted to do a black and gold piece for a while, so this scene was ideal for that kind of colour scheme.

Posted 2nd March, 2017

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