The holy grail had come with more than one curse...

A commissioned version of a piece that was originally painted on a wooden pallet. We had this steel sheet in the garden for half a year, just rusting away, when someone got in touch about this scene. It was the perfect match!

A few changes had to be made to the stencils for this piece on steel. Some parts of the scene on the pallet were painted back in as black to give the impression the background was showing through but since the background on the rusted steel sheet was, well, rust, we had to do a lot of masking. Things like each skeleton's inner eye or the internal part of every helmet had to be masks individually placed. Fortunately this was a one-of-a-kind piece, so doing everything once wasn't that bad.

Very hard for us to decide which version of this piece is our favourite, not that anyone is forcing us to decide!

Posted 24th September, 2017

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