Technological Singularity: the theory that a computer or robot could be
capable of recursive self-improvement.

The Robot Games pitted humanity versus machine in a competition of capture the flag, which quickly grew popular across the world.
After the first games, team humanity worked out the primitive machines’ tactics and began using their predictability to win the tournament.

In a bid to increase the game’s difficulty (and subsequent viewership) the adjudicators secretly broke Asimov’s three rules and allowed the machines to learn from their mistakes and redevelop themselves after each game without any safety restrictions.

The machines began to win, much to the entertainment of the world, until one incident when a machine shot a man dead. Adjudicators rushed to stop the tournament but it was too late, the game had begun and it would not end until someone had won.

Now humanity is locked in a very real war with the machines across the globe, where casualties are high and the stakes are even higher. If humanity wins, maybe, just maybe, they can turn the machines off for good and finally end this war.


But if the machines win one more game, well, they will improve themselves beyond the realm of human victory and we will be extinguished forever...


The singularity war is a complex affair and each side has it's own variety of belligerants!


Of Flesh And Blood


Emerging as humanity’s leader, Robyn played in the first robot games and understands the machines more than anyone else. Also has a massive bazooka.


The brunt of team humanity is comprised of gunners who are, not surprisingly, obsessed with shooting guns, cleaning guns and occasionally kissing their gun.


Desperate times called for desperate measures, which meant strapping rockets to dogs. Early test dogs had a tendency to chase and return active rockets.


At the end of the day, there’s always going to be a place for someone who can smash a robot into a pile of unrecognizable scrap metal... there's no need to reload either.




Some machines criticize Alpha's human affectations, like his sword or horse, which they deem unmachinely but he believes it helps him understand his enemy.


Sometimes needing a second attempt to plug their cable in when recharging, the unit is an otherwise efficient and fearless machine of war. Enjoys dual wielding.


Short for ‘Ominous Running Bomb’, the O.R.B earned it’s nickname from the humans for it’s ability to instill fear into the hearts of men when they see it coming.


Let it not be said the machines are without a sense of irony. Tiny would be accused of steroid abuse if he were not a machine.

After a break last year, Upfest was back with a vengeance this year and we had the pleasure of being accepted to paint at the festival. Over 250 artists came from across the country and world to descend on Bristol. Painting on an actual wall (as opposed to boards, which is what the majority of arists do) was fantastic, too. This massive 16 meter long wall (90cm tall) wall lies outside the excellent Hen & Chicken pub.


We had wanted to paint a fight scene between man and robot for a while and this was the perfect opportunity for a sprawling battlefield! I don't know how many stencils we took but between 10am and 9pm, we were pretty much solidly stenciling that wall. You can see a complete panorama of the wall here.

Every year we're tempted to just go as visitors and check out all the painting venues, chill and catch up with friends but that wasn't the case this year. Nonetheless, so good to catch up with so many friends and share the sun for a bit.

Anyway, we hope you like this battle because we're going to be doing more in this universe and there are plans to release some wide and chaotic screen prints too, much like 'The Chaos Trilogy'.

Posted 28th July, 2015